Types of Home Ice Makers

If you’re thinking of getting a home ice maker then it is best to know what type to buy as there are many types and models. Home ice makers can make your home party a success if you get the right one. They produce enough ice to meet your needs whether you’re relaxing at home, boating or hanging out with friends. This article explains the various types of the home ice maker to help you make a better choice when buying one. 


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The Different Types of Home Ice Makers

There are different types of home ice machine with different models and designs for you to choose from. Therefore, it is important to discuss each one in detail in order to help you make the right selection.


Portable and Counter top Ice Makers

This type of ice maker is designed to be placed anywhere whether on the counter or on the floor which makes it good for social events. Just as the name, it is portable but capable of producing enough ice for you. It can produce ice within 10-15 minutes but it does not keep ice frozen for longer periods of time like the built-in ice maker. However, it will recycle the water continuously to produce ice so you don’t run out of ice. It is capable of producing different types of ice cubes. It does not require a permanent water line and it is mostly engineered as a self-cleaning maker with a timer, LCD panel, and good drain. Anyone can use, clean, and store them without stress. With these qualities, I believe that this type of maker is best for any social event or recreation center.


Built-In and Freestanding Ice makers

Built-in ice makers are designed to fit under the counter whether a bar or kitchen counter; they are made small to be able to fit in any space that is available. Although they are mostly used under the counter, they can be used alone as freestanding units in the home or bar. They are engineered to store a larger size ice than the portable ice makers. The ice produced by these makers is usually cloudy and crescent-shaped like. The unclear nature of the ice is due to the fast rate at which the water freezes making air bubbles to be trapped resulting in a cloudy appearance. 

This type of ice maker is best for the home bar, boats or RV’S. Therefore, if you have a home bar or you love chilling in your boat then built-in ice maker should be your choice as it will fit perfectly into any available space. It produces ice faster and keeps it frozen for a very long period of time. Most models have automatic shut-off to prevent overproduction of ice. And they have ice bucket which makes dispensing easy.


Modular Ice Machine

This type of ice machine is mostly used for commercial purposes; they are used for producing ice in larger quantities. They are mostly used in places like restaurants, hospitals, and bars. This machine has a separate compartment where ice can be collected. The storage bin that is used for collecting ice can be stacked and placed under the modular unit. 
If you are planning on producing ice in large quantity then you should consider modular ice machine head. If you are going to get a modular ice machine head, you should ensure to get air-cooled units as it requires less water as well as electricity to makes ice. This will reduce the amount needed to operate it.

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Self-Contained Ice Machine

These types of ice makers are engineered to create ice and store it within the same compartment. They are not as big as modular ice machine, therefore, they do not occupy much space but they produce ice at a lower rate than the modular ice machines. They are better alternatives to modular ice machines if you are considering space as a factor for selection.


Outdoor Ice Makers

Outdoor ice makers are used for outdoor activities such as home parties, barbecues or when entertaining friends and family. With this outdoor ice maker, you wouldn’t have to run inside to get ice because it will produce much ice as needed. Most of the outdoor ice makers come with enclosed back to prevent rain from spoiling them. They have automatic overfill protection, a reversible door, a removable bin and air-cooled condenser. They are made perfectly for outdoor uses, therefore, you don’t have to worry about reliability because they will serve you well. 

If you are tired of buying bagged ice then you have to get a home ice maker for your convenience. They save the cost and stress of getting begged ice every time you hold a party in your home or go out to have a fun time with friends and family. Whether you are relaxing in your room, chilling in your boat, throwing a home party or hanging out with friends, ice makers are going to provide enough ice to keep everyone smiling. They are capable of producing ice in few minutes. Therefore, go out and get one now!

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