Benefits of having a Ice Maker at Home

An ice maker at home can be the solution to all your ice problems that you come across especially during family gatherings or a party. A home ice maker is a good investment if you are frequently organizing some events at home or just want to have enough ice for all guests without feeling the need to run out and buy some ice.

Home ice makers have several advantages and here are a few reasons why you should consider having one at your home.

Subzero ice maker


1. They are portable

A portable ice maker is really compact and small and comes very handy for family gatherings and parties. You can place it on the counter top and it would even take very little space, all you need to do is find a plug point for the ice maker and you are ready to get started with making your own ice.

It is really easy to use and portable as well. It is convenient for trips as they can be easily plugged into the car without any problems.


2. They are fast

A portable ice maker can make ice really quick, it really does not take much time for it to get started with all the ice making. To be precise it takes around 10 minutes to prepare ice and this reduces so much of the extra effort that it usually takes to rack up all those ice trays one night before the party and if you run out of ice then the only way out is buying some.

In the case of an ice maker, all you need is pour some water and let the device do its job. Within 10 minutes you can get a new batch of ice which means no more running to the store for more ice.


3. Drinks taste better

Now there are different kinds of ice that you can have from the ice maker but the best one is the crushed ice which melts in the mouth, unlike the cubes. Another advantage is you are touching the ice with your hands at any point unlike the once in the trays which make it way purer and a better option.

Having an option to choose the different type of ice you want in itself gives you a lot of control on how you would like your drinks to look and taste making it a must have for parties.


4. They can make large amounts of ice

Usually, a portable ice maker can make anywhere from 25-30lbs of ice per day. Although they cannot store all this ice, you can definitely store them in bags and keep them in the freezer or if you have an ongoing party then you can harvest all the ice as soon as it is made.

They do store a considerable amount of ice but it is better to have fresh ice prepared whenever you want to use unlike having them stored in the maker.


5. They are easy to use

Most of the ice makers are easy to use and you do not require much effort in making the ice. All you need to do is plug it in and get started with the ice making process. It is a child and elderly friendly machine enabling anyone to use it without any trouble.

Making ice in it is really simple since all it involves is pouring in the water, turning on the machine and coming back within a few minutes to see beautifully frozen ice. In the case, you forget the ice you do not need to worry since it will be melted and refrozen again making it a hassle free device.


6. They are versatile

You can make different types of ice with an ice maker. Although most of the times you get the bullet ice cubes there are a few ice makers that will give you restaurant quality clear ice which tastes great with drinks. There are a few ice makers that will enable you to select the size of the ice cubes that you want.

When you get different types of ice available a whole new world of recipes opens up to you.
So if you are into parties and want to be a social bee who organizes meetups and events and are sick of dealing with clumsy ice trays then the ice maker is the perfect choice for you.

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